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Wolfgang-Heinze-Str. 29, 04277 Leipzig / Connewitz

Open Thursday to Sunday 1 to 9 PM  (Mo+Tu+We closed)

Welcome! Atacolypse is a small all-vegan Tex-Mex diner in the south of Leipzig. And you're gonna love it.

++ news ++

Since the warm season is about to end, it's time for some hot specials again! There'll be a different soup (probably) every week, as well as hot chocolate drinks and sopapilla chips with cinnamon.

Still, there's still no inside seating, but the garden is open for as long as you can stand the weather. Otherwise, you can get your meal for take-away.

Furthermore, there's a messed up world out there, draining everybody's resources. That's why it's not unlikely that we might have to cut a portion of our menu at some point. So don't be surprised if a certain dish is temporarily not available!


Last update: September '22


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