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Wolfgang-Heinze-Str. 29, 04277 Leipzig / Connewitz

Open Thursday to Sunday 1 to 9 PM  (Mo+Tu+We closed)

+++ NEWS +++ 

So we finally made it through this ugly creature called 2023, and from now on things will be just fine...
...which is of course bullshit, as we already have some bad news for you:
I assume, you already noticed how expensive everything has gotten these days, so in a ruthless rage of unmercifulness we had to raise our prices accordingly. Sorry, we just can't give you the old deal anymore!

You may also have missed your last chance to get some of our limited december supply of Fried Pickles - so now we're back in the good old age of the Cheezy Fritters!

Nothing else is new here - only each week's newest soup invention. And that is finally good news!

See ya!


Last update: February '22


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