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Wolfgang-Heinze-Str. 29, 04277 Leipzig / Connewitz

Open Thursday to Sunday 1 to 9 PM  (Mo+Tu+We closed)

+++ NEWS +++ 

So there we are. Opening a restaurant, rolling burritos, moving twice and having tons of stress... Suddenly, 13 years have passed!

That's what we wanna celebrate with you:

On Sunday, 4th of June, instead of our normal menu, you'll be served a bunch of punkrock during the day and DJs til the evening. Since you've already proven to have good taste, there's no doubt you'll enjoy this delicious special offering. That day, we're open as usual at 1pm , showtime is at 3!

Besides that, everything stays the way you know it: Come hungry - leave happy. 

See ya!


Last update: February '22


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